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Our Curriculum and Instruction Department

The Curriculum and Instruction Department assists all schools and teachers with course alignments, course assessments, and staff development. We address all areas dealing with student learning and assessment. If you have any questions for our office, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Services

Our services include the following:

Contact Our Department

Dr. Michele Wilson
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
(623) 478.4022
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Amy Hill
District IEP Coordinator (SPED)
(623) 478.4059
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Madge Carver
District IEP Coordinator (SPED)
(623) 478.4085
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Denise Arce
Administrative Assistant
(623) 478.4055
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Yvette Aragon
Administrative Assistant
(623) 478.4057
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Wendy Barrie
Director of Special Services
(623) 478.4058
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Misti Andrews
District Prevention Coordinator Project Manager
(623) 478.4020
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Lisett Jara
Admin. Assistant to the EAP Coordinator
(623) 478.4029
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Dr. Fernando Hurtado
English Acquisition Program (EAP) Coordinator
(623) 478.4016
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Debbie McKintosh
Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE)
(623) 478.4062
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Sandra Toothaker
CTE Student Support Analyst
(623) 478.4074
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Yamaira Brealey
CTE Student Support Analyst
(623) 478.4064
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Vickie Landis
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
(623) 478.4012
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Dalia Ontiveros
Admin. Asst. to Director of Curriculum & Instruction
(623) 478.4013
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Dr. Felipe Baez
Instructional Leadership Coord, Literacy
(623) 478.4032
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Michelle Keanini
Admin Asst. to Instructional Leadership Coord, Literacy
(623) 478.4021
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Tara Suggs
Instructional Leadership Coordinator, English/Soc Studies
(623) 478.4039
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Kerry Scherting
Instructional Leadership Coordinator, Math
(623) 478.4026
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Jeff Carter
Math Coach
(623) 474.7717
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Lindsay Guiney
Copper Canyon Mentor
(623) 478.4826
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Sarah Daigle
La Joya Community High School Mentor
(623) 478.4528
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Stephen Nowbath
West Point High School Mentor
(623) 474.8728
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Elizabeth Sgrillo
Sierra Linda High School Mentor
(623) 474.4553
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Jeff Eccles
Tolleson Union/University High School Mentor
(623) 478.4365
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Teri Thomsen
Westview High School Mentor
(623) 478.4629
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Jesse Delgado
Special Services
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Jeff Newman
Instructional Technology Integration Specialist
(623) 478.4152
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