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Our Business Services Department

The Business Services Department of the Tolleson Union High School District strives to remain fiscally strong in the midst of challenging economic times.  As guardians of our community’s tax dollars, it is important to ensure that the district’s budget is spent in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Within the department, our financial analysts ensure the district’s budget adheres to all federal and state guidelines. The payroll department works to ensures that employees are paid timely and accurately. The accounts payable department ensures vendors are paid accurately and timely based on the services provided to the district.

TUHSD recognizes that parents and employees may inadvertently overdraw a checking account and a check may be returned by a bank. In order to recover these funds in a private and professional manner, TUHSD has contracted with Nexcheck, LLC for collection of returned checks as well as other debt owed the district. If a check is returned or a fee is owed to TUHSD, Nexcheck will make contact to make arrangements for payment.

Annual Financial Report

Our financial reports are available online as a matter of public record. View reports at the Arizona Department of Education School Finance web page, or view comprehensive financial reports below:

Certificate of Excellence Awards

Tolleson Union High School District Spending Analysis - FY 2023

TUHSD Spending Report FY2023 TUHSD Spending Report FY2023 (Text)

Contact Our Business Services Department

Need to send us a fax? Please use our department fax number: (623) 478-4115.

Kenneth Hicks
Chief Financial Officer
Business Services
(623) 478-4003
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Joyce Council
Director of Business Services
(623) 478-4161
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Lourdes Banuelos
Assistant Director of Business Services
(623) 478-4066
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Elizabeth Mendoza
Administrative Assistant - Business Services
(623) 478-4087
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Melissa Chancey
Budget Analyst
(623) 478-4015
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Annette Caudle
Accounting Technician
(623) 478-4069
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Accounting Technician
(623) 478-4006

Julia Moya
Payroll Accounting Manager
(623) 478-4004
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Sky Janisse
Administrative Assistant to Chief Financial Officer
(623) 478-4042
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Sonia Heredia
Payroll Assistant
(623) 478-4008
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Henrietta Cooper
Payroll Assistant
(623) 478-4072
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Payroll Assistant
(623) 478-4071