our governing board

Governing Board members are unpaid, elected officials who serve as the policy-making body for the Tolleson Union High School District. A board member must be a qualified elector and have lived in the district at least one year. Each member serves a four-year term. Terms are staggered so two or three board seats become vacant on alternate election years. According to Arizona law, board members may serve for an unlimited number of terms.

The Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board is responsible to the citizens of the district and the state of Arizona for the education of public school students. The board sets policy, approves educational programs and textbook adoption, approves the hiring and termination of personnel, sets salaries, and adopts a yearly budget.

Meet our Board Members

Elda Luna-Najera

Dr. Elda Luna-Najera
Board Term: November 9, 2020 to December 31, 2026
Email: elda.luna-najera@tuhsd.org
Phone: (623) 478-4001

About Elda Luna-Najera

Dr. Luna-Najera was appointed to the Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board on November 9, 2020, to fill a vacancy. Dr. Elda Luna-Najera is a licensed master social worker in the state of Arizona. The majority of her professional work has been with families and children in non-profit settings and public education. Her passion for working with children and youth has brought her to serve homeless and foster care youth in public high schools. She currently serves as the AFUHSD liaison for foster care and homeless education. Dr. Luna-Najera is a longtime resident of the Tolleson Union High School District for over 18 years. Dr. Luna-Najera believes that schools have always played a critical role in student success and that strong social-emotional health in conjunction with equitable academics will lead to a strong foundation for all students on their diverse paths after high school. 

Dr. Luna-Najera earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Arizona State University. She holds a doctorate degree in social work from the University of Southern California.

Kino Flores

Dr. Kino Flores
Vice President
Board Term: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2024
Email: kino.flores@tuhsd.org
Phone: (623) 478-4001

About Kino Flores

Dr. Kino V. Flores is beginning his first term as a Tolleson Union High School District governing board member in 2017. His education career spans over 4 periods of 36 years. His educational journey includes the classroom, where he taught for six years. His administrative resume includes several years as assistant principal of curriculum and instruction, student activities, athletics, and dean of discipline. Prior to his 14 years as district superintendent of the Tolleson Union High School District, he was the high school principal of Tolleson Union High School for four years and the principal of Carl Hayden High School for seven years.

Serving as a visionary leader, he designed and created schools within schools that served students from the most academically gifted to those most challenged by learning disabilities. Dr. Flores designed and created three nationally acclaimed programs in the Tolleson Union High School District. University High School on the Tolleson Union High School campus focuses on academically gifted students. The Jim Green Alternative School was created to address needs of the student who needs additional time and support and has not been successful at the main campus. The Lighthouse serves students who have been suspended or expelled from other schools.

Among the many honors and distinctions he received during his educational tenure are:
  • 2002 - The Distinguished Superintendents Award from Jobs for America’s Graduates
  • 2006 - Best of the West Leadership of the Year Award from Westmarc
  • 2006 - Named one of Top Five Leaders by the West Valley View 
  • 2000 - Outstanding Educational Administrator from Northern Arizona University College of Education
  • 1994 - Hispanic Administrator of the Year from Arizona Department of Education
  • 1994 - Mayor’s Partnership Champion Award from City of Phoenix
  • 1994 - Dean’s Top Administrator of the Year Award from Arizona State University College of Education
  • 1988 - Principal of the Year from Arizona Bilingual Educators Association
Steven Chapman

Mr. Steven Chapman
Board Member
Board Term: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2024
Email: steven.chapman@tuhsd.org
Phone: (623) 478-4001

About Steven Chapman

Mr. Chapman joined the board in December of 2010 and is currently in his third term as a Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board member. In 2006, he graduated from Westview High School, and has volunteered in the district and the community since. Mr. Chapman has been a strong advocate for CTE in the district and spearheaded the West-MEC ballot initiative for the district in 2012 that has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to the classroom. In addition to his support of students, during his presidency of the board, he worked with the board to create a strengthened meet and confer policy that brought all employees to the table to have a say in the direction of the district.

At the state level, Mr. Chapman has served as a member of the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) Board of Directors since 2015 and became the president of ASBA in April of 2019 through December of 2020. In his time as president of ASBA he has led advocacy efforts at the capitol to increase funding for schools, and defending local control so communities have a say in their school districts. As of January 2020, Mr. Chapman also began his term of service on the Arizona K12 Center Board of Directors. The center supports teachers seeking National Board Certification.

Beyond Arizona, Mr. Chapman has served in leadership roles with the National School Boards Association (NSBA). This year he serves as the chair for the Pacific Region, which represents the eight pacific state members of NSBA. His work there allows Tolleson UHSD, and Arizona, to have a voice at the national association and to congress during their advocacy efforts for federal resources to public school districts.

A believer in the importance of self and professional development, Mr. Chapman has received top accolades from ASBA for board development including a Masters in Boardsmanship and the Cluster Awards that recognize over 500 hours of professional development. In addition, he seeks all opportunities to learn and engage in the community. In 2019, Mr. Chapman graduated from the Hispanic Leadership Institute through Valle del Sol.

Mr. Chapman is a lifelong resident of the west valley and the district. He believes in the future of the district, its students, its staff, and its community members.

Devin Del Palacio

Mr. Devin Del Palacio
Board Member
Board Term: Term through December 31, 2026
Email: devin.delpalacio@tuhsd.org
Phone: (623) 478-4001

About Devin Del Palacio

Devin Del Palacio is a luminous beacon of leadership, community engagement, and unwavering commitment. A proud lifelong resident of Arizona, his journey is a testament to resilience, vision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Growing up with a single mother and facing financial challenges, Devin's story began in eight different public schools where he learned the principles of hard work and academic excellence.

In 2012, Devin's dedication to his community took shape as he successfully registered an impressive 34,000 minority voters in south and west Phoenix as a community organizer. His path of leadership led him to run for a seat on the Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board in 2014. Winning the election and making history as the first African American to serve in the district's century-long existence, he assumed the roles of vice president and subsequently, president of the board.

Devin's tireless efforts in creating equitable schools and safe neighborhoods have not gone unnoticed. He's been honored by several prestigious institutions, including the Greater Phoenix Urban League's Top 40 under 40 in public service, the Cesar Chavez Foundation, the city of Phoenix, NASA-JPL, and the Arizona School Board Association.

Beyond his work on Earth, Devin's passion for the cosmos led him to serve as a Solar System Ambassador for eight years. This journey culminated in his recent acceptance into the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences, where he will train for suborbital space flight.

In 2022, Devin's commitment to public service ascended to new heights with his appointment to the Arizona State House of Representatives. There, he advocated for transformative policies that continue to benefit his community. Additionally, he serves as chairman for the National Black Council of School Board Members, highlighting his national influence and leadership.

Now, in a crowning achievement, Devin has been named the executive director of the Arizona School Board Association. In this significant role, he will further his dedication to education and leadership, cementing his position as a thought leader and champion of change within the state of Arizona.

Freddie Villalon

Mr. Freddie Villalon
Board Member
Board Term: Term through December 31, 2024
Email: freddie.villalon@tuhsd.org
Phone: (623) 478-4001

About Freddie Villalon

Mr. Villalon is currently beginning his second term as a Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board member, which began in 2013. Previously, Mr. Villalon served on the Tolleson Union High School District Governing Board from 2007 to 2010. Mr. Villalon holds a Masters of Education from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelors in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. He has worked as a teacher and administrator in the Isaac School District and with Imagine Schools. Mr. Villalon is currently an academic improvement specialist with Imagine Schools helping struggling schools to improve. A proud graduate of Tolleson Union High School, his children also attended Tolleson Union High School District schools. He has served as a minority student recruiter for both Arizona State University and Glendale Community College. He is active in the Tolleson community currently serving on the Tolleson Service Committee Board of Directors. Mr. Villalon attends numerous events throughout the district and in the community. Mr. Villalon strives to help all students succeed and achieve their fullest potential. He is proud to see each of the schools in the district improve academically over the last year.