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James A. Green Continuing Education Academy (CEA)

The James A. Green Continuing Education Academy is a program in the Tolleson Union High School District which is designed to provide at-risk and/or disaffected youths a non-traditional high school program that will meet the academic, vocational, social, and emotional needs of individual students, thus allowing them to work toward obtaining their high school diploma. In addition, multiple instructional and support services will be provided to assist students in developing responsible patterns of behavior, including increased and sustained academic productivity and age-appropriate social interaction.

A variety of class offerings provide students the opportunities to continue in the main stream of their learning endeavors. Basic skills, mid-level, and upper-level classes are available with district-approved texts, supplemental, and computer-based instruction functioning as the curriculum foundation. An open-entry/open-exit, individualized/self-paced study methodology is the learning model with students having the opportunity to gain credit as rapidly as they demonstrate proficiency. All classes are aligned with district requirements and Arizona State academic standards.

Academy students continue to be part of their home campuses (with restrictions) while taking classes at the alternative site. In most cases, they are entitled to all home campus resources and programs including transportation, facilities, and extra-curricular activities.

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Yolanda Martinez
Administrative Assistant for CEA
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