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The mission of Tolleson Union High School District Athletics is to "create an environment where the student athletes, coaches, faculty, and staff are committed to enhancing the total student athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student athlete welfare, and fostering a positive student athlete image."

Athletics Department

Derek Fahleson
District Director
Athletics, Safety, and Security
(623) 478.4028

Traci Waling
District Administrative Assistant
Athletics, Safety, and Security
(623) 478.4023


Christopher Williams
Assistant Principal; Athletics
Copper Canyon
(623) 478.4813

Joseph Williams
Assistant Principal; Athletics
La Joya Community
(623) 478.4410

James Kramer
Assistant Principal; Athletics
Sierra Linda
(623) 474.7721

Dr. Ray Perkins
Assistant Principal; Athletics
Tolleson Union
(623) 478.4211

John Rosenberger
Assistant Principal; Athletics
(623) 474.8718

Josh Wray
Assistant Principal; Athletics
West Point
(623) 478-4604


Athletics Clearance Procedures

A parent/guardian must set-up an account and complete all of the following clearance requirements on Register My Athlete before their student-athlete(s) will be allowed to attend off-season, pre-season, tryout, practice, or competition activities. All student-athletes from the same family should be entered under one parent/guardian account. At no time should there be two accounts for the same student-athlete. Please contact your school’s Athletics office should you forget the email or password for the account.

    Read Electronic Documents

    • Risks Associated with Opioid Use
    • NCAA Clearinghouse Academic Guide
    • TUHSD Equipment Checkout/Parental Consent to Participate
    • AIA MTBI/Concussion Annual Statement and Acknowledgement
    • Statement of Awareness and Viewing of Informed Consent Video
    • TUHSD Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

    Acknowledge Insurance

    • School Insurance
    • Own Insurance

    e-Signatures for Terms of Participation

    • Parent/Guardian
    • Student

    Upload Additional Documents *

    • AIA Physical Examination Form (must be stamped by the doctor's office)
    • AIA Brainbook and Opioid Course
    • AIA Consent to Treat

    Participation Fees

    • $50 per student/per sport. This fee is payable at the school bookstore.

    * Do not give any clearance documents to the athletics trainer or coaching staff or bring documents to the school’s Athletics office. All submitted documents should be uploaded by the parent/guardian using a computer or mobile device. Please contact your school’s Athletics office should you need any assistance in this process.