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Message from Our Superintendent

Superintendent's Message: June 2024

Dear TUHSD Community, 

If you have ever watched any movie about public schools, then June is a month where you picture everyone off on vacation and enjoying the summer. While we encourage all our employees to take some time to recharge for the new year, many of us are still here preparing for the upcoming year. Our facilities staff are working hard to implement campus upgrades and complete construction before the first day of school. Our bus drivers are still transporting for summer school and other summer activities. Our teachers are teaching summer school and designing assessments for the upcoming year. Our staff, in all capacities, are doing everything they can this summer to ensure that we have a successful year when all the students return.

Many of our students have also joined us for summer school but I want all students to continue their learning over the summer. We are living in an amazing time where knowledge is available on demand. I would encourage all students to spend at least five minutes a day watching a video on a concept that gave them trouble this year. Maybe it’s how to graph an equation or proper formatting for a formal letter, or any topic. The important part is that they take ownership of acquiring their knowledge base and they recognize that learning doesn’t just occur in school.

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Tolleson Union High School District Spending Analysis - FY 2023

TUHSD Spending Report FY2023 TUHSD Spending Report FY2023 (Text)