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To facilitate our district's transition into the AZ State Standards in mathematics, we have provided a variety of resources. Most of these resources serve as a database for rich mathematical tasks that students can use to build conceptual understanding. The resources also may include ideas on how to teach a specific content or skill.

Please take note of these two resources:

  1. Tools for the Common Core Standards is a blog by Bill McCallum, one of the two lead authors of the Common Core math standards. This blog provides regular updates and resources on the standards to help support their implementation.
  2. Illustrative Mathematics is another resource managed by Bill McCallum. The site selects and shares mathematical tasks that align to the Common Core math standards. This is a tremendous resource in determining how to teach each math standard.

Title I Math

    Based on the district’s mission to guarantee higher levels of learning for all students and the belief that all students can learn, but not in the same way or at the same rate, the Math Department commits to providing students who are below grade level in mathematics with targeted interventions to increase mastery of mathematical concepts and skills.

    Our goal is to provide additional time and support to the students who need it the most in mathematics.

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