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Homeless Education

Our Mission: To ensure that homeless children and youth have access to a free, appropriate public education, comparable to that provided to the children of any Arizona resident and consistent with Arizona’s mandatory school attendance laws.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act of 2001 offers educational services for the children of families in transition to permanent housing. As a family experiencing transitional housing, you have the right to:

  • Continue your child’s education at the school they attended prior to becoming homeless (their school of origin).
  • Enroll your child in any public school that other students are eligible to attend from the same attendance area.
  • Have your child enroll in and have full and equal opportunity to succeed without being separated from other students.
  • Receive educational services for which your child is eligible including transportation services, participation in meal programs, referrals to health care/immunization services, and other appropriate services.

Tolleson Union High School District Contacts

    District Office
    Dr. Rosalva Lagunas
    Director of Grants and Federal Programs
    (623) 478.4054
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    District Office
    Alexandra Maese
    Students in Transitions Coordinator
    (623) 478.4075
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    Copper Canyon High School
    Rachelle Ernster
    Social Worker/Homeless Liaison
    (623) 478.4827
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    James A. Green Continuing Education Academy
    Areli Parra
    Social Worker/Homeless Liaison
    (623) 478.4132
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    La Joya Community High School
    Vanessa Romo
    Social Worker/Homeless Liaison
    (623) 478.4425
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    Sierra Linda High School
    Taylor Perez
    Social Worker/Homeless Liaison
    (623) 474.7713
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    Tolleson Union High School
    Jewel Riley
    Social Worker/Homeless Liaison
    (623) 478.4209
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    Jean Valdez
    Special Needs & McKinney Vento Routes
    (623) 478.4107
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    Westview High School
    Julie Lynch
    Social Worker/Homeless Liaison
    (623) 478.4620
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    West Point High School
    Susan Hennessy
    PBIS Interventionist/Homeless Liaison
    (623) 478.8727
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