Tolleson Virtual High School - FAQ

TVHS is a public online high school. We will be offering concurrent enrollment to any of our TUHSD schools. Concurrent enrollment means enrollment both online, and at your home site. This unique opportunity will provide TUHSD students with an opportunity to build a flexible schedule, get a head, or potentially recover credits. We are excited to offer TVHS to the public in January of 2020. If interested in more information, please see the FAQ list.

Frequently Asked Questions for TVHS

What is TVHS?

TVHS is an online school where students can take classes online, concurrently with their home school classes.

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When will TVHS open?

We plan to offer classes to students at each campus starting in October. This will help TVHS ensure its practices are efficient. Enrollment for this will begin on September 23 and ends on October 4, 2019. If interested in taking a TVHS course, please visit your counselor before September 30 to ensure you have enough enrollment time and can attend orientation.

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How do I register for online courses?

Registration starts with your counselor for the 2019–2020 school year. You will need to fill out online surveys. You can complete registration for online courses only during the enrollment window with your home school counselor. We offer enrollment periods frequently throughout the entire year.

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Is an online course easier than a traditional course?

Online courses require independent learning, self-motivation, and responsibility. The online courses emphasize on critical writing and reading. Online courses are different from a traditional course. Students may spend more time in an online course than they typically would in a traditional course. However, the curriculum offered at TVHS is no different from what we offer at our traditional high schools. It is the same. 

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How do you learn in TVHS?

TVHS will be using Blackboard and Edgenuity to deliver instruction. It is crucial to understand that online learning is truly different from a traditional classroom, and requires you to do work that may not be the norm in a traditional classroom.

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How long are classes?

We expect students to work about 6.25 hours per week, 75 minutes per day, per course during their 18-week time frame to complete their courses. Students will complete most courses before the 18 weeks given, and you can take more classes. We recommend that you take no more than two online courses at a time.

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For more information, please visit Tolleson Virtual High School (TVHS) or email us at TVHS.