Tolleson Virtual High School - FAQ

TVHS is a public online high school. We will be offering concurrent enrollment to any of our TUHSD schools. Concurrent enrollment means enrollment both online, and at your home site. This unique opportunity will provide TUHSD students with an opportunity to build a flexible schedule, get a head, or potentially recover credits. We are excited to offer TVHS to the public in January of 2020. If interested in more information, please see the FAQ list.

Frequently Asked Questions for TVHS

What is TVHS?

TVHS is an Arizona accredited online public high school. This unique opportunity will provide TUHSD students with an opportunity to build a flexible schedule, get ahead, or potentially recover credits.

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Who can enroll in TVHS?

Those who can enroll include anyone who is in grades nine through twelve and a TUHSD student.

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When do I enroll?

Enrollment occurs all year long. Please see our website or make an appointment with your counselor (link below) to see when the next enrollment is happening. Fall enrollment is available on the district Home page.

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How do I enroll?

Fill out the online registration on the district Home page. Make an appointment with your counselor and build a schedule that is best for you.

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Is an online course easier than a traditional course?

Online courses require independent learning, self-motivation, and responsibility. The online courses emphasize on critical writing and reading. Online courses are different from a traditional course. Students may spend more time in an online course than they typically would in a traditional course.

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How do you learn in TVHS?

TVHS will be using Blackboard and Edgenuity to deliver instruction. It is crucial to understand that online learning is truly different from a traditional classroom and requires you to do work that may not be the norm in a traditional classroom. Students must take tests and finals face-to-face with a TVHS employee.

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Can I take a test at home? Where do I test?

TVHS offers TVHS instructors that are a part of the TUHSD district. Students will reach out to them for help, tutoring, and questions. Students are welcome to set up appointments for testing with their TVHS instructor. If this does not work, TVHS offers an online lab twice a week at Continuing Education Academy at 9701 West Van Buren Street, Tolleson, Arizona 85353.

This may change during our opening of school. Please check back at a later time.

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What is the online lab?

The online lab is a place where students can come in to work on their online class, take unit tests, and get help. A TVHS instructor will be there to help students. We expect that students are working progressively on their online class but have to come in and take unit tests in order to move on.

The online lab is at Continuing Education Academy (CEA), and TVHS hopes to offer these on campuses as the demand is needed.

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How long are classes?

Courses take as long as you put into it. Students are expected to work about 6.25 hours per week, 75 minutes per day, per course during their 18-week time frame to complete their courses. Students have six to nine weeks to take two courses at a time and complete all six courses within an 18 week time frame.

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Can I just stop taking classes if I feel like TVHS is not for me?

TVHS classes are just like any other classes on your home campus. Once you start them, your academic record will reflect that. It is best to ensure you are ready to be an online student with your counselor before you decide to enroll in a TVHS class. If you feel like you are not a good fit for TVHS, you can transfer back to your home school at the end of any semester.

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How many classes can I take at a time online?

You can enroll full time in our online high school. You can enroll in some courses online and some at your home school.

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Can I be enrolled in two schools at the same time?

Yes, you can. When enrolling with TVHS, you will be considered a part-time or concurrent student. You and your counselor will sit down and build a schedule that works best for you. This could mean that you would spend less time on your home campus because you elected to have some online classes built into your schedule.

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Will grades transfer/be the same as taking them at my school?

Yes, TVHS is a part of the Tolleson Union High School District. Therefore, grades are transferable. Students that are interested in specific accredited classes please refer to the next question.

While grades are 100% transferable, TVHS classes are not NCAA approved. Talk with your counselor if this pertains to your situation prior to enrolling in TVHS.

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Is TVHS an accredited school?

All schools when they first open have to go through a rigorous approval of its curriculum. TVHS is in the process of getting its curriculum NCAA approval for its courses. TVHS is accredited by AdvancedEd and ABOR approved.

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Can I take classes during the summer in TVHS?

Yes. TVHS will be offering summer school in July. Please check the Summer School page for more information.

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How will I see my grade?

Your grade in TVHS will look exactly like your grades do in StudentVue for your TVHS classes.

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Can I have a laptop?

Tolleson Union High School District will be offering laptops to students. Please check back for when that distribution will occur.

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For more information, please visit Tolleson Virtual High School (TVHS) or email us at TVHS.