Online Enrollment FAQ's

The following are online enrollment frequently asked questions (FAQ) by parents of TUHSD students and those looking to attend TUHSD schools.

Feel free to contact the school for questions not answered below.

  • Copper Canyon High School: (623) 478-4800
  • La Joya Community High School: (623) 478-4400
  • Sierra Linda High School: (623) 474-7700
  • Tolleson Union High School: (623) 478-4200
  • University High School: (623) 478-4380
  • West Point: (623) 474-8700
  • Westview High School: (623) 478-4600
  • Tolleson Virtual High School: (623) 478-4377


When I am entering my information, is it case sensitive?
Do I need to have a valid email address to complete online enrollment?
If I already have a ParentVUE account for a student, do I need to make a new account?
Do I have to complete online enrollment in its entirety once I start?
How do I know my online enrollment is complete?
I put my address into the system, and it is showing that I am out of district, but I live within the school’s boundaries. What do I do?
Can I add a stepparent to my student’s enrollment under the parent section?
What do I do if my students don’t share the same biological parents?
I have more than one student to enroll. Can I enroll them at the same time?
What information do I need to provide in the immunizations section?
What if my student has an IEP or 504?
How can I upload documents?
What items do I need to provide in order to complete online enrollment?
I already submitted my student’s online enrollment, but I found an error. What do I do?