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CTE internships

Internships are activities in which Career & Technical Education students engage in learning through practical work site experience. Internships are usually undertaken by CTE students who are at or near the end of a preparatory academic program.

An internship is a course in the sequence of courses in an approved CTE program that provides CTE students an opportunity to engage in learning through participation in a structured work experience. This experience involves the practical application of previously studied and developed knowledge and skills. Credit hours and levels of intensity vary depending on the specific course of study. A CTE internship must be directly related to the CTE program where credits were earned, and it offers both paid and unpaid work experience.

Internships provide students the opportunity to:

  • observe the world of work and develop necessary workplace skills
  • earn credit outside the classroom
  • experience work in a chosen career field
  • explore career options
  • learn work terminology, work climate, and business/industry protocol
  • develop skills in a chosen career field

CTE students who have successfully completed at least one year of a CTE program can pursue an internship placement. Students should talk to their CTE teacher and/or guidance counselor for more information.