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Educational Technology Standards
Digital Citizenship

WiDi Untethered Teacher

We have installed WiDi devices in classrooms at each school as the third phase of the Lenovo Helix tablet PC rollout. With this device comes the ability to wirelessly connect to the classroom projector. Teachers gain mobility in the classroom without having to be tethered to the desktop to control the computer, meanwhile gaining the ability to use interactive software and Windows apps (such as SmartNotebook/Starboard software and programs with pen tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote) with the Helix stylus and touch screen features. Click the videos below to learn how to connect the Helix to a WiDi device.

Helix Laptop Rollout and Support

During the 2013-2014 school year, instructional technology and our information technology department rolled out over four hundred Lenovo ThinkPad Helix laptops to our certified staff as part of our teacher computer refresh. We hope to continue to move forward with technology integration to enhance teaching and learning.

In an effort to support certified staff with resources, we have posted a list of Tech Quick Guides and video resources in the right column of this page. Check back frequently for updates!

Tech Tuesday Archive

We began our second year of Tech Tuesday publications with important technology news, quick tips, instructional technology tools, and teacher features. The TUHSD Tech Tuesday archive is located in the My Big Campus bundle.

Office 365

Our district uses Office 365 for e-mail access. Users may log on to their accounts by clicking on the "Office 365" login screen icon located on the school computer desktop screen or by typing With Office 365, we can use more features such as OneDrive for Business, Office 365 Web Apps, and SharePoint. For more information, please refer to the resources located within the Technology Quick Guides section on the right side of this page.

Learning Management System

Learning Mgmt Systems vs ClassMy Big Campus (MBC) is the learning management system our district supports. With this, teachers have the ability to manage group content to include online discussions, resources, optional chat features, group calendars, assignments and quizzes, and additional group pages.

MBC features a 24 hour, live helpdesk resource, known as Bob Campus. Teachers and students may post questions on Bob Campus’s wall with specific concerns. Additionally, Bob Campus promotes digital citizenship and student online safety by looking out for and addressing inappropriate/offensive user posts.

MBC Parent Guide 
MBC Parent Guide – in Spanish

Multimedia Database Resources

Thousands of CCC! Streaming Media and content partner videos are available for classroom use through MediaCAST. MediaCAST is our district multimedia database, which allows teachers to checkout educational videos and to display them through the computer/projector connection. We are also using MediaCAST to broadcast morning announcements at Copper Canyon High School, Westview High School, and soon Sierra Linda High School!

Sign in to MediaCAST while on the district network by entering your district credentials. Use the Quick Search tool to browse the numerous resources available!

Mobile Laptop Labs

Our IT department has worked diligently over the years to maintain and support our school computer labs. During school year 2011-2012, a number of laptop carts were deployed at each main site, and again, during school year 2012-2013, more were sent out to our schools for classroom use. Our hope is to provide our teachers and students more opportunities to promote and demonstrate 21st Century learning with technology and thereby improve academic success in our schools.

iPad Classrooms

A few years ago, we piloted an iPad classroom program. Selected teachers sought various ways for their students to use the iPads in their content areas and began to integrate various app features to deliver content, promote active note-taking and productivity, encourage collaboration, and to assess learning.

Online Assessments and Tools

As part of our dedication to promote student achievement, we will expand our current use of Galileo’s online assessment and data analysis features for district assessments by encouraging teachers to use the online test options. Students will be able to log in to the assessment portal and take assigned tests for immediate scoring and analysis.

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are digital materials used for teaching, learning, research, and more. As teachers strive to enhance the learning experiences for students, open educational resources are free, openly licensed, and accessible to anyone at anytime via the Internet. Generally, these materials are organized as courses and often include course planning materials, evaluation tools, and thematic content. 

The Tolleson Union High School District Professional Development Division has identified the following free-to-use teaching and learning content from around the world:

Open Educational Resources can supplement your instruction and extend learning past the classroom.

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