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Tolleson Union School District

Our district is currently comprised of six high schools:

  • Copper Canyon High School, home of the Aztecs
  • La Joya Community High School, home of the Lobos
  • Sierra Linda High School, home of the Bulldogs
  • Tolleson Union High School, home of the Wolverines
  • University High School, home of the Wolverines
  • Westview High School, home of the Knights

We take great pride in offering all students in our district many different educational opportunities. The counselors and faculty at each school work with each individual student to ensure we are meeting his or her educational needs.

Our Mission, Vision, & Purpose

The mission of Tolleson Union High School District is to guarantee higher levels of learning for all students.


A place where all who enter are welcome. You will find safety, meaning, happiness, success and knowledge. Our students’ journey will bridge the gap between school and the world, a bridge whose cables of knowledge, understanding and application offer support for all who enter.

A place of educational excellence and equity, where academic and behavioral expectations are clearly defined, where success for all is reality, risk taking is rewarded and quality performance is the norm.

A place where community members can gather to spend pleasant times with one another, a showplace... where students share their work with their peers, their mentors and parents. A place where all faculty and staff, higher education, business and industry, students, parents and the community work together to form a seamless transition from pre-k to post 12.

A place where people of all colors, old and young, rich and poor, strong and weak, learned and unlearned convene to honor the accomplishments of the past, celebrate the joys of the present, and relish the challenges, hopes, and dreams of the future.


  • All students will successfully master the basic skills necessary to be successful at the next level of learning.
  • All students will learn how to learn.
  • All students will exit our system as self-directed learners.
  • All students will develop and act in a way that reflects a positive sense of who they are…confident and capable.

District Boundaries

Our district covers a lot of ground. You’ll find a complete map of our school boundaries at the side of this page. Want to know which high school your child will attend? Check out our list of feeder schools also located in the sidebar. If you ever have any questions regarding boundary issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our district office, at (623) 478-4000.

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Belief #1: All students can learn but not in the same way or at the same rate.